Tank Clean-R from Pacific Agriscience

Effective Tank Sprayer cleaning with Pacific Agricscience intelligent solutions
Effective Tank Sprayer cleaning with Pacific Agricscience intelligent solutions

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Pacific Tank Clean-R

Tank Clean-R delivers effective removal for pesticides and other culminated residues from sprayers systems using an intelligent visual dye indicator system to ensure complete rinsing of the sprayer.

Superior power cleaning Tank Clean-R spray to prepare tanks for use of other products
  • Integrated with dye marker for easy visual inspection
  • Efficient cleaning, rinsing and emulsification of pesticides and adjuvant residues
  • Clever bonding to rinse solution for purging using ordinary water
  • Tolerant to hard water that causes high levels of build up
  • Highly suitable for most spray tanks
  • Reliably soluble to residue spray content to effectively prevent damage to non- specified plants
Concentrated power with user rate proportions
Effective dilution rates of up to 1:400, available in 5L, 10L, 20L options.
  • Tank Volume: 100 litres, Tank Clean-R required: 0.25 litres
  • Tank Volume: 500 litres, Tank Clean-R required: 1.25 litres
  • Tank Volume: 1000 litres, Tank Clean-R required: 2.5 litres
  • Tank Volume: 2000 litres, Tank Clean-R required: 5.0 litres
  • Tank Volume: 3000 litres, Tank Clean-R required: 7.5 litres
Affordable and reliable cleansing of Spray Tanks, Tank Clean-R from Pacific Agriscience development offers simple and easy removal of residual pesticides and other similar build up.

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