Inframatic 8600 with NIR Analysis from Perten Instruments Australia


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Inframatic 8600 NIR Instruments for Feed analysis, Flour analysis and Grain analysis

The Inframatic 8600 series consists of a range of NIR analysers for multiple applications. It can measure protein, moisture, hardness and parameters to ensure you are paying the right price for your grain.

The Inframatic 8600 also comes complete with a built-in printer, dust-proof casing and sample handling that requires no sample cups.

Fast, Easy and Accurate Results
The Inframatic 8600 provides highly accurate results. It also features:

  • Employs a  two-button operation making it simple to operate
  • Within 30 seconds a full multi-component analysis is completed on raw materials
  • Significantly reduces sample presentation time and improves repeatability.

A fast, Immediate printed record of the analysis results
As soon as the analysis is complete; a printed record is produced, eliminating transcription errors. Other benefits include:

No need for an external computer which  makes operation easier and simpler
Once analysis results are completed, the result is both displayed on the screen and printed out for records.
Reports can be made from data collected with the click of a button

The Inframatic 8600 produces highly accurate results in around 30seconds and will make the task of analysing grain and other products a simpler task.

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