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NIR Analyser Diode Array Instruments 7200

The NIR Analyses performs multi-component analysis in 6 seconds and requires little to no sample preparation or cleanup after analysis.

Diode Array Technology
The DA 7200 is a Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) instrument designed for:

  • Feed Mills
  • Grain Analysis
  • Oilseed Analysers
  • Ethanol Analysers
  • Analysis for Food industries

6 second analysis for faster results
The NIR Analysis features a 6 seconds analysis, for immediate results and high capacity. It also features:

  • No sample grinding - Save time and analyse immediately
  • Pour and Place analysis - Operator independent results and easy handling
  • Optimal accuracy - Make better decisions with correct information

Near Infrared Analysis Applications
The wide variety of NIR applications includes:

  • Feed Milling Analysis-Improve least-cost formulations through rapid analysis of raw materials, Optimise fat, protein and moisture and ideal for analysing pellets, wholegrain, slurries, hay, silage
  • Oilseed Crushing Analysis - Highly suitable for analysis of all kinds of oilseeds, as well as meals and other by-products.
  • Grain Testing, Malting and Brewing Analysis - Handles grain, malt and green malt without the use of special cells or cuvettes.
  • Ethanol Production Analysis - Raw material, mash, beer bottom, fermentation broth, yeast propagation, stillages, DDG
  • Food Analysis - Breakfast cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy products

The NIR Analyses is the ideal instrument for a wide variety of analysis applications because of its immediate results and it optimal accuracy.  

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