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Falling Number Systems for Grain Analysis and Flour Analysis

The Falling Number System measures the alpha-amylase enzyme activity in grains and flour to detect sprout damage.

Alpha-amylase activity is crucial for final product quality of bread, pasta, noodles and malt.

Falling Number System for Grain Analysis and Flour Analysis
The Falling Number System sets the World Standard with uniform reporting for grain growers, traders and processors. It also features:

  • Segregation - Save money by avoiding of mixing sound and sprouted grain
  • Blend Optimisation - Blend grains or flours to create a product with specific characteristics
  • Easy to Use - Confidently used by non-technical operators
  • Reliable - Non-complex, robust design provides exceptional instrument life
  • Low Cost of Ownership - No consumables or chemicals required
  • Calibration Free - The measured property is time (seconds), and no calibration is required 

Falling Number Systems can be used a wide variety of applications.

  • Grain receivals  
  • Flour milling and baking
  • Pasta and noodle manufacturing
  • Malting

This system from Perten Instruments optimises flour enzyme activity and guarantees soundness of traded grain.

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