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Natural pyrethrum offers wide protection against pests

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article image Ion Staunton holds a 250ml bottle of PyBo, a free trial quantity that can make 250 litres of spray for a 15-minute trial

One of the oldest insecticides in the world also offers one of the widest uses among all registered pesticides.
Natural pyrethrum has been used for thousands of years and is considered one of the most effective and versatile natural insecticides on the planet. A new label recently approved by APVMA allows uses against a wide range of pests that invade everything from crops to buildings.
Natural pyrethrum offers effective action against pests on every kind of crop as well as all flying and most crawling insect pests and spiders. It is registered for use anywhere outdoors against all flying insects without affecting the health of mammals.
This natural insecticide is preferred by commercial growers, factory and warehouse managers, and high density animal producers because it does not poison their workers on exposure. Natural pyrethrum is a soft insecticidal option that delivers results. A pest on contact with a droplet dies immediately.
Natural pyrethrum is a broad spectrum insecticide that is soft on people while killing small pests such as thrips, aphids, leafhoppers, gnats, and whiteflies within 5-10 minutes. Large caterpillars, cockroaches and spiders take longer to die but are affected immediately. In addition to being one of the most effective natural insecticides on the planet, natural pyrethrum is also a cost-effective insecticide, when compared with modern synthetic insecticides.
Pyrethrum repels most pests with insects such as bees, mozzies and sandflies/midges sensing the presence of pyrethrum and staying well away. Natural pyrethrum is therefore suitable for BBQ or outdoor events.
Pestech Australia Pty Ltd has a Natural Pyrethrum Advisory Service for growers, food processors, mills, warehouses and high density animal facilities. Pestech’s entomologist, Ion Staunton can provide specific advice for each situation.

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