Picket Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate from Pestech Australia

High quality Picket Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate for complete grain protection
High quality Picket Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate for complete grain protection
High quality Picket Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate for complete grain protection Protect your grain from weevils Protect your grain from all grain moths

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Picket Insecticidal Concentrate

High powered Picket grain protectant concentrate is easily diluted with clean water for reliable protection.

Simply apply the dilute solution to grain going into storage at 1 litre to a tonne of moving grain to prevent attack from grain beetles, weevils and grain moths for 6 months or more depending on your storage facility.

Safe and reliable, Picket Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate is compatible for use on grain which will be used for human consumption, stock feed or seed.

Convenient 1 day withholding period allows you to spray everything going into storage and begin drawing from the silo/bin the next day to feed stock or begin milling.

Easy to follow application procedures
  • If lifting grain into a storage bin or silo using an auger, the spray application point should be at the top of the auger where the grain begins to fall
  • If you have other elevation equipment, again the same principle applies: apply the spray solution on the conveyor belt or where the stream of grain begins to fall into the receptacle
  • Calibrate your application so that one litre is sprayed on the stream as 1 tonne passes
High performance pyrethrum lasts longer in grain with a controlled process
  • Pyrethrum degrades in ultra violet light within a few hours, therefore it can be sprayed on strawberries which can be eaten next day
  • When sprayed on grain going into storage, the grain mass is dark and light does not penetrate below the first few grains from the surface
  • If any grain pest burrows below the surface or an adult emerges from a kernel, it will come in contact with some of the grains that were directly under the nozzle
  • Pyrethum kills pests before they get to mate and lay more eggs
  • Extracting grain for milling or feeding exposes it to light and the residues disappear
The Picket range of Insecticidal Concentrate is highly versatile and capable of protecting against a range of insects keeping your grain safe and ready for use. 
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