PyBo Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate from Pestech Autralia

Mosquitoes and midges know how to spoil a party
Mosquitoes and midges know how to spoil a party
Mosquitoes and midges know how to spoil a party A Free trial for commercial enterprises Natural Pyrethrum controls serious pests of all crops Biting Flies reduce milk and beef production

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PyBo Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate

Pestech use natural extracts of Pyrethrum in their contact insecticide PyBo which when sprayed on fruit and vegetable crops kills insects within minutes ensuring no residue is left behind. 

PyBo is a solvent-free concentrate meaning there is less likelihood of leaf burn that is mixed with fungicides and foliar fertilisers to save multiple applications.

High powered PyBo controls pests for:
  • Any crop
  • Stored foods
  • Animal and human health
For Crop Pests
PyBo is 20 times stronger than the usual pyrethrins concentrates at 80g/L. The usual dilution is just 1ml to a litre of water when used as a spray or mist.
  • Kills a wide range of pests within minutes
  • Only 1 day withholding period — spray today and it can be on a plate tomorrow
  • Re-entry into your crop as soon as the last drop settles
  • Chronic symptoms cannot develop in you or your workers
  • Compatible with fungicides and foliar fertilisers
For Party Pests (biting pests of animals and humans)
  • Reliable PyBo protects large areas by becoming repellent to flying pests for hours after misting or fogging
  • Safe protection from mosquitoes, midges, sandflies and biting flies and ensuring complete comfort for your outdoor event even before proceedings begin
  • Cattle in feed lots, dairies and other stock in high density animal production situations can get relief from biting flies and other biting insects by spraying, fogging or misting
  • Convenient versatility leaf blowers can be transformed into a mister
For flying and crawling insect pests in any building.
  • Suitable for any building obviously includes food processing, schools, hospitals and agricultural sheds
  • Strong protection from a range of pests includes flies, gnats, ferment flies, grain beetles, moths and weevils, spiders and earwigs
Free advice, free sample to commercial users, Pestech entomologist and author of “Urban Pests Management in Australia” offers vast knowledge and experience with pest control to help you achieve the results you want.

Providing even more quality reassurance, a sample 250ml bottle can be sent to you to trial it under your conditions with your equipment before you place an order for your peace of mind.
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