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Pfizer’s Pestigard vaccines the first to prevent Bovine Viral Diarrohea (BVDV) Virus

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article image Pfizer’s Pestigard vaccines the first to prevent BVDV in cattle

Pestigard livestock vaccines from Pfizer Animal Health are the only form of medication available for the prevention of BVDV in Australian cattle.

The effects of BVDV can be devastating as the disease affects the reproductive performance of cattle, which causes a dramatic decline in the cattle population. Similarly, carriers of the disease are more susceptible to other common diseases.

Pestigard livestock vaccination programs actively prevent the onset of these conditions as they reduce reproductive loss caused by BVDV and stimulate the immunity systems of Australian cattle so they are more resistant to the disease.

Pestigard livestock medication is available in two different quantities depending on individual needs and purposes. The 100ml pack size contains 50 doses of Pestigard, while the 250ml pack size contains approximately 125 doses of the livestock medicine.
For cattle of all ages the recommended dosage of Pestigard is 2ml, and the medicine must be administered subcutaneously. For extensive dosage and administration details visit the Pfizer Animal Health website.

Pestigard is most effective when stored between 2ºC and 8ºC. Once opened, the medication can be stored and used for the following 30 days.

Pestigard guarantees the health of cattle and optimises their productivity by developing their immunity against this harmful, widespread disease.

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