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K-Line irrigation system now available from Philmac

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The K-Line Irrigation system is now available around Australia thanks to a new distribution partnership with Philmac .

Philmac provides a complete range of compression fittings, ball valves and threaded fittings for use with an irrigation water management system that can now be complimented by the transportable, cost effective pod irrigation system – K-Line.

Philmac General Manager Group Marketing Jason Mitchell said, “The K-Line partnership represents a great fit for the Philmac brand – and we’re excited about being able to take this uniquely designed product to the next level in the Australian market.”

Designed mainly to irrigate pasture, the features of K-Line include:

  • Simple installation process means that the system can be up and running in no time
  • High performance polypropylene pod design means that the pod is lightweight, easy to move and durable to suit a range of farm conditions
  • Patented pod design ensures that the sprinkler offers full spray while being protected if the pod overturns during transportation adding an additional level of security and ease of use
  • It can work around existing structures and layouts on the farm meaning lower capital expenditure with the use of a specifically designed flexible PE hose system
  • Thanks to the durable pod design and flexible hose system K Line can be towed using simple farm machinery at a reasonable speed across a range of farm terrains
  • It utilises highly efficient sprinkler methods enabling a lower rate of application which maximises absorption rates. This also minimises run-off and means better use of water
  • Running costs are reduced by utilising lower running pressures, lower pressure pipes and lower pump requirements. Plus it is much more cost effective and easier to install than traditional irrigation methods, such as pivot irrigation
Additionally, the patented Pod design ensures a completely protected sprinkler that still allows full spray operation while protecting the sprinkler, keeping it upright and stopping external interference with the sprinkler action.

The K-Line product range includes sprinklers, tapping saddles, tough protecting housing (pod) and specific flexible pipe made from PE which joins the pods together.

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