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Property valuation services from Planfarm

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Planfarm  is a licensed rural valuer that provides professional consultancy for property valuations in a timely manner. Property valuation services are provided to major banks, rural investors, syndicates and farming families. According to Planfarm, a successful farmer needs a wide range of skills and these include technical, financial and managerial skills and it is not possible to have them all. Planfarm provides these services for farmers who need them. 

Having catered to a wide range of agricultural businesses across the states, Planfarm has years of professional experience. The property purchase services from Planfarm are particularly useful in carrying out the feasibility projects for farm purchases. Consultants from Planfarm can examine them quickly and accurately as well as determine the expected productivity of a property, enabling them to give a financial estimate that is based on the working knowledge of income as well as the expenditure. The team can also help in identifying prospective properties, sale negotiations and day to day management for absentee owners.

Planfarm assists farmers by providing expert advice on farm business management, crop and pasture agronomy, livestock husbandry, grain marketing and farm property valuation and management. To update farmers, Planfarm produces a range of resource publications with modern equipment use and other agricultural news. Planfarm announces its updates annually with the Landline newsletter, a monthly publication and the Farmline Newsletter which is published every one to two weeks.

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