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Self propelled mixer feeder wagon available from Plumb Motors

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Plumb Motors  distributes livestock feeding equipment such as the TRIOTRAC, a self propelled mixer feeder wagon designed with joystick control for easy operation. The TRIOTRAC is suitable for farms with groups of 80 to 240 animals.

The advantages of the TRIOTRAC include low horsepower requirements, smooth and efficient operations and smooth cutting and loading systems. The TRIOTRAC, supplied by Plumb Motors, is manufactured by Trioliet. The TRIOTRAC features an optimum preservation of the feed structure and clamp face that results in less spoilage.

The TRIOTRAC has a capacity for fast loading services of hay crop silages of up to 1,400 kilograms. The equipment also has round and large square bales and a maze of up to 3,000 kilograms. The loading system of the TRIOTRAC includes a cutting frame with an integrated transport roller that can be used to transport the loose feed into the mixing chamber through belt conveyors.

The TRIOTRAC is equipped with two vertical mixing augers and a horizontal flow system required for distributing quality ingredients within the tub. The TRIOTRAC has a cross conveyor belt in front of the mixing chamber that can distribute the feed evenly to either left or right.

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