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Canine traps and rescue products from Professional Trapping Services

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Professional Trapping Services , based in Queensland, supplies quality canine traps, animal control and rescue products designed and manufactured by animal control professionals and other animal handlers. Collarum Snares, Ketch-all Control Poles, Throw Nets & Bite Sticks (batons) are the different type of products available at Professional Trapping Services.

The Collarum Snare is 100 per cent specific for dog, fox, dingo etc. It features with an adjustable trigger, a reusable cable. It is designed to capture K9s including dingo, fox and dog, just by throwing a cable loop over their head and around the neck. The end of the capture loop is designed in such a way that it can be anchored in the ground and the canine is held like a dog on a chain.

The Collarum Snare is designed where it requires a trigger rather than a push or a depress mechanism that is usually used during trapping. Collarum Snare is suitable for canine. Animals other than canines are very unlikely to be caught by this device even.

Professional Trapping Services also supplies Ketch-all animal control pole and Ketch-All Cat Grabber. Animals can easily be rescued with a Ketch-All extension pole. Ketch-All Cat Grabber is used to grab hold of a wild kitty cat in a cage or trap safely without hurting the animal.

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