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Folding traps from Professional Trapping Services

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Professional Trapping Services  provides quality aluminium folding traps such as the Sherman trap and 48F Tru-Catch folding trap. These traps are ideal for domestic pets and transportation purposes. The Sherman trap is available in three different sizes of A, E and F.

The A type trap is an XLK model and is measured at 30cm x 10cm x 8cm. The E type trap from the Sherman trap range is an LFA model. Its dimensions are 23cm x 9cm x 8cm. The F type Sherman trap, which is an XLF 15 model, is available in specifications of 38cm x 12cm x 11cm.

Customers' phone calls, quotations and enquires regarding products are answered by the support team employed at Professional Trapping Services. Products from the company comply with the industry standards of quality and safety, making them popular in domestic, commercial and agricultural applications.  

The 48F Tru-Catch folding trap from Professional Trapping Services is a one-piece trap that can be folded for easy storage and transportation. It consists of a heavy duty carrying handle. When opened, the four spring-loaded locks secure the corners for a strong and sturdy trap. The 48F Tru-Catch folding trap can be set up and folded in less than three minutes.

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