Weather Shield for cows, horses, goats, sheep and alpaca

Alpacas eating the loose lick supplement
Alpacas eating the loose lick supplement
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Loose Lick Supplement

Suitably formulated for farm animals, the weather resistant formula is a vitamin and mineral loose lick.

Built with a range of macro and micro minerals the supplement allows for dairy animals to consume the correct supplements and improve their health as well as various benefits to the animal.

Benefits of the supplement

  • Weatherproof, ideal for open grazing situations
  • Cost effective, animal is able to supplement itself depending on its needs
  • Visual, vitamins and minerals can be seen
  • Can be customised for individual requirements

Vitamins and minerals aid things such as

  • Bones health
  • Nervous and muscular system
  • Hooves
  • Metabolism and growth

 The vitamin and mineral loose lick is ideal for farm animals who need supplements in their regular diets. 

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