Remote Control Access and Security GSM Module from Raneye

Remote Control Access and Security GSM Module
Remote Control Access and Security GSM Module

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Multifunctional GSM module

Raneye supply the 100% Australian made Multifunctional GSM module which remotely controls and receives alerts from various types of equipment, to and from your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. 

The Raneye unique monitoring system ensures that all electrical devices can be controlled and monitored whilst you are away from your property or farm.   

The remote control security system works with any  “pay as you go” mobile Phone SIM card from any mobile phone service provider and 12vdc power.

Remotely control up to 3 outputs

  • Water pumps
  • Electric fences
  • Electric gates
  • Irrigation systems
  • Generators
  • Alarm systems
  • Security lighting
The GSM module system ensures a high level of security, protecting your property and giving the added flexibility of remotely controlling all electrical applications. 

Input messages to notify changes
The GSM module also sends up to 2 different input messages when changes to applications occur including: 

  • Gate Open
  • Alarm System Triggered
  • Low Water Detector
The Multifunctional GSM module access and security system is simple and easy to install and ensures peace of mind that all electrical applications are monitored and functioning no matter where your location. 

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