The Parabeam® 700-FSK Driveway Alert System by Raneye Systems

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Domestic Perimeter Alarms
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The Parabeam® 700-FSK Driveway Alert System

The Parabeam® 700-FSK uses a point-to-point infrared beam which alerts an alarm if persons or vehicles break the beam. 

The infrared beam is the ultimate security system and is suitable for protection of large properties and long distance applications including farms, agricultural buildings, out-buildings, machinery sheds, fuel stores and loading areas.

The detection beam uses a radio signal to the Base Receiver which can be located  up to 1-3km away, the maximum beam length is 40m.

The Base Receiver can support 6 Beam Sets and operate on different zones

  • Base Receiver is capable of activating compatible outdoor security lights, sirens, external beepers/pagers, and alarm panels
  • Rigid security measures to protect against burglary, stock theft and livestock theft
  • Optional long range antenna required for 3klm
  • Internal rechargeable battery and miniature and Solar panel (65mm x 120mm) support the photo-electric beam
  • Beam is not visible to the naked eye
An optional devices is also available that sends an SMS to your mobile phone or local paging system.

The Parabeam® 700-FSK driveway alert security system provides ideal security measures for large areas and buildings to keep them safe and free from intruders, day or night.

Questions about this product

Can you please provide details of your parabeam 700 please. Ideally cost without solar power option, power reqirements, battery back-up in non solar option, cost saving for 1 to 4 units if applicable.
The units come with Solar, not viable to try to modify to another power system. are the units all going on the same property, or different driveways, perimiters, a bit more info as to your specific requirements would be ...
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