Vector Vortex Spray Unit for dry and liquid materials from AG Imports


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Vector Vortex Spray Units

The Vector Vortex is a purpose built spray system that can be attached easily to the Vector 300 applicator.

The Vortex has the ability to change from dispersing dry fertilizer to wet chemicals within two hours with the assistance of only two men, making it highly time effective.

Strong and Highly Flexible Boom
  • A dual breakaway system
  • Fitted with own lift system
  • Made to be attached straight to the Vortex 300 chassis
  • A variety of tank and boom sizes available
The Vortex Spray unit has been built in conjunction with the Bestway Sprayers, Iowa. The boom has been created to be extremely tough and flexible with a width of over 27m. 

The all-in-one Vector Vortex Spray Unit makes spraying and fertilizing jobs more efficient and time saving, with the ability to spray both dry and wet materials. 
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