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Electrogator II Lateral Move Systems

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The Electrogator II Lateral Move System from Reinke Manufacturing Company  is designed primarily for rectangular-shaped fields. The lateral movement of the system ensures nearly 100% coverage of any rectangular field. Along with the incredible improvements added to the Electrogator II family of systems, the lateral move system ensures equal application rate along the full length of the system. This reduces operating expenses, increases uniformity of application, and lowers application rate, which is extremely important for soils with low infiltration rates.

Electrogator II Lateral Move System can access water through hose feed or canal feed methods. The hose feed system is perfect for uneven terrain and is by far the most versatile of the methods. The Reinke canal feed power tower is a compact design that comes with a self-contained power unit, generator, and water pump. Both systems offer optimum efficiency and the reliability for which Reinke is known.

FAST FACT: Converting from flood irrigation to a canal feed lateral move system may reduce your water usage by as much as 50% and will reduce costly runoff.

FAST FACT: Reinke lateral move systems are also available as Alumigator systems (with the first span required to be high-strength steel).

Pivoting Lateral Move - The Pivoting Lateral Move (PLM) irrigates one side of a rectangular field and then rotates to irrigate the other side. The flexible PLM can significantly reduce your initial investment in a lateral move irrigation system.           

Electrogator II Lateral Move Systems Options:     

  • Available options such as 4-wheel drive or 2-wheel drive hose pull power towers       
  • Optional jack assembly for turning wheels to tow position Guidance Options       
  • Above ground cable guidance system       
  • Reinke’s patented furrow guidance system uses specially designed wheels that track a       
  • V-furrow parallel to the travel path       
  • Buried wire guidance system
Additional System Options For Center Pivot And Lateral Move Systems

Towables - Maximize irrigated areas with strong and convenient Reinke towables. Both forward and reverse tow packages are available and are equipped with Reinke’s specially designed towable gearbox.

Spans - A wide variety of span lengths and diameters is yet another Reinke advantage. Available span options cover every type of irrigation need. Only Reinke offers a choice of four water pipe materials including: galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or chromium nickel.

Tyre Selections - Reinke’s variety of tire sizes allow you to customize systems to match field conditions such as soil type, application rates and span length options.

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