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Calf Cradles

The RPM Rural Calf Cradle is focused on safety and efficiency, making calf handling simpler and easier.

Designed for ease of handling calves, the RPM Rural Calf Branding Cradles allow marking and general handling to be conducted with safe operation for both the calf and the operator.

Safe and efficient for both animal and operator

  • Designed for Easy Calf Handling
  • Comfortable Working Height
  • Hydra-lock Locking Technology
  • Whisper Quiet Action
  • Auto Release Baulk Gate
The Calf Cradle can be purchased with three optional extras
Head Rest: Provides extra support for the calf’s head when in a horizontal position.

Baulk Gate: On tipping the calf over, the baulk gate automatically opens, leaving the calf in a clear opening when back in a vertical position.

Cowl Infill: Necessary when the cradle is not placed against a sheeted race. Stays in place when the calf is rolled over.
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