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How does the SeedVU air seeder system work?

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article image A distribution head that is fitted with a SeedVU unit

Blocked primary lines on air seeders, and poor seed placement due to seed bounce are all unwanted side effects of a poorly designed air seeder. The SeedVU air seeder venting unit not only reduces seed bounce but can also improve the overall performance of an air seeder.

Seed and air are thrust upwards toward the head of the SeedVU distribution tower, while the stainless steel mesh cone evenly redirects the product through the outlets. Excess air pressure escapes sideways through the mesh screen and out of the top of the unit, which in turn operates the unit’s indicator cap and informs the operator that there is sufficient air running through the system.

When a blockage occurs the indicator cap will fall shut alerting the operator of the tractor cab that there is an obstruction.

The SeedVU air seeder system has an adjustable gate to regulate how much air is released out the vent. This allows the operator to control how much air is required to assist the seed to the ground and is suitable for seeders that have a flatter hose gradient.

Another feature of the SeedVU air seeder venting unit is that it has a larger seed boot than conventional systems. This means that excess pressure is expelled from the system allowing the unit to continue planting. 

With traditional air seeding systems diffusers are placed on every opener to effectively diffuse air before the seed enters the ground. However, the SeedVU system has the ability to service up to fourteen openers, eliminating excess primary line back pressure while allowing the operator to constantly monitor the system’s air flow.

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