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Helping to keep your workplace clean
Helping to keep your workplace clean
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Keeping packing sheds and offices clean, is important for maintaining staff and visitors’ health and a comfortable work environment. Toilet paper, hand wash, and rags are just some of the essentials that most businesses can’t live without - and is where Signet can provide a variety of high quality choices.


Bathroom essentials usually include toilet paper, hand towels, hand wash, and deodorisers. Without these, this area can become messy and unhygienic. 

Signet stocks a variety of bathroom products from well-known brands including Signet’s Own, Tork, Kleenex®, Dettol, Air Wick, Septone, and Scott®.

Toilet paper is available in either single, smaller sized rolls or larger, jumbo sized rolls. Jumbo sized rolls are particularly beneficial for saving valuable time as less roll changes are required. 

When it is time to dry washed hands, Signet stock a range of hand towels and dispensers, in both individual sheets and rolls. The Signet’s Own range of hand towels provide a choice of styles: individual sheets, a roll towel, or a centrefeed towel. 

Hand wash is an important step in minimising the spread of germs. Depending on the task, a heavy duty solution may also be required. Signet stock both general cleaners and heavy duty cleaners for stubborn dirt and grime. 

General duty hand washing solutions include:

Heavy duty hand washing solutions include:

To ensure that there will always be a cleaner on hand and to minimise the frequency of reordering, 5L and 4L drums are available - depending on the product.

Lastly, it is important to keep this area clean and smelling fresh for the comfort of staff and visitors. Deodorising urinal screens and Septone Blockettes do this by eliminating unpleasant odours.

Air fresheners

Whether in a bathroom or kitchen, air fresheners are an easy way to create a pleasant and clean smelling area. Air fresheners include:

Glen 20 Original Scent Air Freshener Spray -This spray is ideal for removing odours, disinfecting surfaces; and killing mould, mildew, and the influenza virus. 

Tork Air Freshener - This spray is particularly beneficial for smaller bathrooms, neutralising and eliminating odours. As no effort is required from an individual to dispense the spray, keeping unpleasant odours at bay is easy.

General cleaning supplies

To help keep kitchens and bathrooms tidy and hygienic, Signet stock variety of general cleaning supplies. Supplies range from cleaning sprays and scourers to garbage bags and bins.

Garbage bags come in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for small office sized bins through to larger industrial sized bins (27L up to 205L) and are from leading brands Signet’s Own, OSO, and Glad.

When kitchen and bathroom benchtops need to be wiped down, Signet’s range of wipes and rags will make the job easy.

Chux - Chux have a range of wipes for both general cleaning and heavy duty jobs. To help prevent cross contamination, Chux Superwipes are coloured based on HACCP guidelines - helping to maintain a clean, hygienic workplace. 

Capri General Purpose Wipes - These wipes have in-built antibacterial protection that deters the growth of bacteria. They are also available in two sizes: 300mm x 500mm or 450mm x 600mm. 

Wypall - Wypall have a range of wipes and dispensers that making storing and accessing the wipes quick and convenient. To prevent cross contamination, singe use wipes are available - ensuring that dirty, smelly rags are not left around the workplace and forgotten about. If a thorough clean is needed, Wypall X80 Heavy Duty Cloth Wipers are also available.

Wiping rags  - These rags are perfect for removing grease and grime off hands. The large 10kg bag is an economical option - ensuring that there will always be a rag when needed. 

To reinforce and maintain cleanliness standards in your office or packing shed, use Housekeeping Signs where required.

These are just some of the many cleaning and janitorial supplies Signet offer. Other products include cleaning sprays, mops and brooms, milk, sugar, tea, and disposable tablewear.

With warehouses in Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, Signet can get your essential janitorial supplies to you fast.

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