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Pallet Caps and Pallet Bags are used for protecting palletised goods from dust, dirt or rain, whilst being stored or transported.

A Pallet Cap is a low density polyethylene sheet and is placed on the top of the pallet. When used in conjunction with Signet's Own Black Security Wrap, caps can also aid in deterring theft.

Pallet Bags are designed to cover entire pallets and provide an extra layer of protection when required, such as for moisture sensitive goods. 

They are quickly able to be pulled over most standard sized pallets, making them a convenient packaging supply for any warehouse.

Key features and benefits of Pallet Caps include:

  1. Protects and prevents against damage to the top of the pallet from rain, dirt or theft
  2. The caps are perforated on a centerfold 850mm wide roll, giving caps great versatility when packaging different sized pallets.
  3. Pallet Caps are 1700mm squared
  4. Available in clear, with a thickness of 20um and 25um or in black, with a thickness of 25um

Key features and benefits of Pallet Bags include:

  1. Bags are supplied on a roll, making it easier to dispense and use the bags in busy dispatch environments.
  2. Signet's range of Pallet Bags are suited to standard pallet dimensions
  3. Bags are supplied on a 25kg roll to improve and maintain workplace safety standards, where lifting or moving the roll may be required
  4. Bags are available in range of sizes and thicknesses

Signet also has a large range of packaging tapes and other packaging supplies that can be used in conjunction with Pallet Caps and Bags. To view the full range of Pallet Caps and Pallet Bags head to: http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/plastic-wrap-and-stretch-films/pallet-caps-and-bags

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