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Signet offers a new pricing initiative on a wide range of packaging and safety supplies

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Industries are always evolving. Whether it is the creation and implementation of new technologies, trends or other process improvements, businesses have to adapt.

However, while trying to make improvements, external pressures can make implementing the required changes difficult. Increased competition, globalised supply chains, new technologies, declines in a sectors activities or even skilled labor shortages are just some of the factors that could affect an industry’s future and a business’s success.

As success depends on a healthy bottom line, carefully monitoring cash flow and expenses is crucial.

At Signet, we understand this and the importance of cost savings to any business. And now, we have made it even easier to save with our innovative new pricing initiative – RedLine Savers.

A new approach to saving

Streamlined working environments and “leaner” processes are fast becoming the focus of many businesses. However, this improved way of working means that the conventional method of bulk buying to create cost savings can be counter-intuitive. Many businesses are now implementing programs that are centered around Continuous Improvement and the “8 Wastes of Lean” and are learning to do more with less.

Excess Inventory, one of the well-known Eight Wastes, can create difficulties when there is less storage space available. For smaller sized businesses, bulk buying to generate cost savings can result in goods sitting unused and wasting storage space.

RedLine Savers gives customers the chance to take advantage of the same cost savings that are usually associated with bulk buy amounts, but at a quantity appropriate for their own capabilities. Smaller sized customers who use the just-in-time inventory method and strategic forecasting will be no worse off than larger sized customers who can bulk buy.

RedLine Savers can be spotted across a wide range of products, including:

This means that there are plenty of chances to save on everyday operational products.

Whether you’re cleaning up the workplace, refreshing signage around a packing shed or packaging items for shipping to a customer, we have made saving easy, so you can focus on improving other areas of your business. 

Learn more about this innovative new pricing initiative here.

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