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Signet’s Essential Product Guide: Selecting the right stretch film

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Stretch film (also known as pallet wrap) is a plastic film that protects products and secures them to a pallet during transportation or storage. Pallet wraps come in various types for different applications; selecting the right film, though difficult, will ensure the products are protected against damage, saving money.

Pallet wrap basics

Cast hand pallet wrap and blown hand pallet wrap are the two most common types of wraps. Each of these pallet wraps is manufactured using a different production process, resulting in unique qualities.

Cast hand pallet wrap is a clear and glossy type of wrap. Recommended for businesses that require barcode scanning, cast wrap allows a variety of scanning technologies to be utilised for easy identification purposes when the pallet is in transit or storage.

In comparison, the clarity of blown hand pallet wrap is low when it is layered, which causes a haze that reduces the effectiveness of scanning technologies.

The stretching capabilities of each wrap type are also different. Cast stretch film makes minimal noise when used and has slightly more stretch than blown film. Blown film has high tact qualities, which makes it noisy to unwind, as well as superior puncture resistance. Blown stretch film is usually preferred for wrapping odd shaped items.

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Applying your pallet wrap correctly

Pallet wraps should be applied correctly to ensure optimum load stability and product protection. Depending on the chosen wrap, the amount of tension applied when wrapping the load may change, requiring the user to adjust the tension accordingly. When pallet wrap isn’t applied correctly, it could:

  • Re-stretch, potentially allowing goods to shift while on the move.
  • Increase the chance of damaged goods, which can be expensive to replace or return.

To reduce the level of manual handling and limit potential injury, hand pallet wrappers or holders are recommended. Alternatively, if the warehouse wraps a large number of pallets and it’s imperative that the packaging processes need to be improved, stretch wrap machines can be used. These machines can reduce waste and improve efficiency and safety by providing better security and consistency when wrapping pallets. Upgrade to a stretch film machine when you are sure it could benefit your business.

While your business’s unique needs will determine your choice of stretch film, there are a few key questions that should always be asked when making this decision:

  • What are the products you are wrapping?
  • Are there different loads or are all your pallets the same?
  • Where is the pallet being transported to or stored?
  • How is the pallet being transported?
  • How long would the pallet be stored?
  • What is the frequency and volume of pallets being wrapped?

Signet’s new RedLine Savers

The new RedLine Savers range from Signet allows customers to purchase selected pallet wraps at one low price at any pack quantity. This new initiative gives buyers the opportunity to take advantage of some big savings across a wide range of products.

Find out more about the specific RedLine Savers below:

Wrapping things up

Choosing the right pallet wrap and application method is vital to keeping your goods securely wrapped so they arrive at their destination safely.

Signet has many years of experience when it comes to stretch film. For more information, call 13 7446 or visit their website today.

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