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Air Intake Vents
Air Intake Vents
Air Intake Vents Air Intake Vents Air Intake Vents Air Intake Vents

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Grain Silo Aeration Systems- Air Intake Vents

Silo Ventilation Systems are the official distributor of the Silo Vent and Air Intake Vent (AIV) product range.

Air Intake Vents (AIV)
Air Intake Vents are designed to fumigate sealed silos from the safety of ground level. Eliminating the need for climbing ladders to insert or remove phosphine tablets in the top of silos.

 The AIV’s design improves efficiency and safety through easy management of chemical treatments, with the AIV acts as a sealed chamber.

Designed to improve aeration by increasing airflow
  • No contact between the chemical tablets and the stored commodity with Air Intake Vents
  • Reduces risk of chemical contamination for the grain handler and end consumer
  • Doubles as an air vent to draw fresh air into the bottom of silos
  • Retro fits any existing sealed silo
  • Designed for any sized silo
Silo Vents
The Silo vent reduces internal temperature and humidity levels for silos stored with grain, feed or legumes.

The Silo Ventilation Systems “Silo Vent”, (a wind driven ventilator located at the top of a silo), when combined with the Air Intake Vents (AIV) encourages air to be drawn from the bottom of the silo, through the silo and exhausted out the top of the silo. 

This movement of air reduces the build up of heat, humidity and condensation in stored commodities.

Air intake vents used in conjunction with Silo Vents reduce the internal silo temperature
  • Reduction of internal silo temperature
  • Stabilisation of grain temperature
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No ongoing maintenance
  • Replaces and circulates air inside silos 
  • Reduction of optimum breeding condition for insects
  • Reduces humidity & condensation build up in silos
Silo Ventilation System products are designed to ensure safety and ease of grain storage and management.
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