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New Supaflo G2 airblast sprayers from Silvan change orchard spraying in Australia

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article image New Supaflo G2 airblast sprayers from Silvan change orchard spraying in Australia

Silvan Australia Silvan Australia managing director Steven Lelli says that his company has always been the market leader by numbers of units sold in orchard sprayer sales , manufacturer of orchard spraying equipment in Australia, has completed a product development project which has resulted in the commercial release of new Silvan Supaflo G2 orchard sprayers. These orchard sprayers are regarded as significantly improving and enhancing of orchard spraying technology and equipment in Australia for about the last two decades. and realised that it was time for an innovative new approach in the development of orchard spraying technology.

“We commenced by empowering our Silvan product research and development team to begin with a clean sheet of paper. So they went out and talked to growers across Australia investigating their needs and preferences, as well as our dealer and reseller network. It has taken about eighteen months, an investment of more than one million dollars and a strong sense of innovation, so the new just released Silvan Supaflo G2 sprayers is the outcome.”

With a distinctive new tank shape and red and black colour scheme, these orchard sprayers also utilise the proven Silvan combination of a galvanized steel chassis and a Polytuff rotationally moulded tank in 2,000 or 4,000 litre capacities.  These orchard sprayers also feature the Glideflex suspension system to ensure a smooth ride regardless of whether the sprayer tank is full or empty while another option includes the Simplicity tandem axle system which shares the load over both axles with each wheel able to act independently of the other. A quick turn tractor hitch is another popular option on the orchard sprayers.

Another key  feature of the orchard sprayers is the roll out chemical induction drawer that enables the addition, mixing and transfer of orchard chemicals as powdered, granulated or
liquid materials, into the tank safely and easily. These compounds are mixed and transferred by venturi action incorporated into the induction hopper system. The drawer is located in the Central Operating Station at the front of the orchard sprayers and slides out easily, and locks at a comfortable working height and has a capacity of 30 litres. Chemicals can be added continually to the main tank through the drawer.

Once the chemical induction process is completed the drawer slides back and locks safely into place without the risk of being impacted by branches or or  chard obstructions. Most of the operators work is done around the Central Operating Station.  This includes tank filling, emptying, flushing, chemical induction, operator clean–up tap and access to the spray pump, all from one central location. This is all accomplished without any need for the operator to leave the ground thereby avoiding the risk of falls or accidents from climbing on to the tank  structure, with the tank itself offering either induction or gravity water fill using Camlock couplings. The large lid on the top of the tank is lockable,  and should be used as a service inlet only.

A key component of Supaflo G2 orchard sprayers is the range of specialised Silvan IDS diaphragm pumps known for their efficiency, high performance and long life. For instance the IDS 1701 pump has a maximum output of 161 litres per minute at 50 Bar maximum pressure, or the IDS 2600 has a maximum output of 249 litres a minute again at 50 Bar maximum pressure. A simple to use wireless remote control unit known as the Silvan GeoAtom remote controller can be mounted in the tractor cabin or taken to the sprayer to
test the valve set-up for left or right hand applications and make pressure adjustments.

As Silvan’s Steven Lelli points out the new SupaFlo G2 is the first step in an innovative product development process.

“We currently have a 2,000 litre capacity SupaFlo sprayer at the final stage of production and we expect to follow this with a 3,000 litre unit next year so will have a capacity to suit almost all scales of orchard enterprises. It may sound a simple concept to simply scale down the new 4,000 litre capacity machine but it’s not as simple as this to simply reduce them in size, especially since the complexities of the tank rotational moulding process is one of the key issues in building each unit. "The important issue here is that the new orchard sprayer offers a host of features which will deliver important benefits of accuracy, timeliness, safety  and efficiency to the orchard sector and as an Australian company Silvan is proud of its achievement”  Steven Lelli says.

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