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Accolade WDG selective herbicides from Sipcam Australia

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Sipcam Australia  specialises in the supply of farm chemicals. These farm chemicals include insecticides and herbicides. Accolade WDG farm chemical from Sipcam Australia is a selective herbicide. This selective herbicide has been specifically formulated for killing specific weeds that affect wheat, barley, oats and cereal rye crops. The chemical group present in this selective herbicide includes sulfonylurea. Accolade WDG herbicide is ideal for commercial applications.

Accolade WDG herbicide from Sipcam Australia can be used as pre sowing treatment for wheat and post sowing treatment for crops like barley and oats. This selective herbicide, when used on emerged weeds, is readily absorbed by green stem and foliage. Accolade WDG herbicide is available as a water dispersible granule and also compatible with certain insecticides. Acclaim Options is an insecticide that has been specifically formulated for the control of Heloithis affecting the cotton plant. The chemical group of this insecticide is formamidine. This insecticide can be used both in water based low volume as well as ultra low volume applications. Acclaim Options insecticide, from Sipcam Australia, is compatible with several other chemicals including Thiodan ULV, Larvin 350, methyl parathion and Curacron ULV.

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