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Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) - committed to a global revolution in power resources

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article image SEIA is committed to creating better, more efficient and cheaper ways to generate solar power

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The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) was formed in 2007 in response to demand from within the industry, bringing together all those with a passion for, and interest in, solar power and resources.

Members of the Association include:

  • self-employed and employed installers who are passionate about the future of the solar industry in Australia
  • major importers and manufacturers of PV panels, inverters, batteries and associated infrastructure
  • national installation organisations of PV systems for home and business
  • private and government run education facilities
  • renewable energy consultants
  • members of the public who are interested in, and supportive of, the growth of the solar industry in Australia; and
  • Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) trading companies.

SEIA has a strict Code of Ethics it expects members to abide by, and states that it does not allow companies or individuals who act disreputably within the industry, or to the detriment of the industry, to become members.

Far from being suitable only for larger population centres, SEIA notes that the Federal Solar Credits Scheme has made solar power generation a viable option for those who own rural properties.

The Solar Credits Scheme assists with the upfront costs of installing small scale renewable energy systems, including household solar photovoltaic systems.

It is part of the expanded national Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme, and provides extra Renewable Energy Certificates, which are also called RECs, to households and businesses that install eligible small scale solar PV, wind and hydro electricity systems.

These Certificates act like a share in a company, and can be retained or sold to industry in order to offset fossil fuel usage or carbon generation.

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