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Efficient boomspray equipment from Sonic Boomsprays

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Sonic Boomsprays  specialises in the manufacture of boomspray equipment. These boomspray equipment have been specifically designed for farming and spraying applications. Sonic Boomsprays manufactures durable and efficient boomspray equipment. Boomspray equipment consist of a diverse range of standard features including chemical resistant hosing, hydraulic lift with height averaging to about 2.3 metres, safety locks, pressure gauges, nozzle brush holder, air cleaners, tank sprinkler, hand rails, warning light plates, hose clamps and stainless steel clamps.

Sonic Boomsprays provides optional accessories in conjunction with boomspray equipment. These optional accessories include pallet rack, tandem air bag, dust boom, twin foam markers, granule inductor, triplex nozzles, electric dump valve and fresh water tank with varying capacities of 1200 litres and 800 litres.

Various other standard features of boomspray equipment include motorised ball valves, in line filters, emergency motor stop, ceramic jets, warning light plate and accessory plugs. These accessory plugs are placed at the rear portion of the boom. Boomspray equipment from Sonic Boomsprays is completely sealed prior to painting of the equipment. The jets of the equipment are protected with the aid of boom arms.

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