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QUATRABUFF are high quality water conditioners that have been designed to assist the performance of various agricultural chemicals such as Gibberellic Acids and OrganoPhoshates.

Self Testing Water Quality Wetters are manufactured with a pH Buffer

pH Indicator
  • Unique colour indicator making it easy and quick to see the optimal pH range for your spray water
  • Approx. pH 4.0-5.0 when the colour change occur
Acidifies and Buffers
  • Reduces alkaline hydrolysis
  • Extends tank life of sensitive chemical
Wetting Agents and Spreaders
  • Reduces the surface tension allowing droplets to spread
  • Assists with faster chemical uptake
  • Better intake through the leaf cuticle
Pre-plant Wetters
  • Ideal for pre-plant glyphosate spraying when combined with AMMEND
  • Assisting in producing finer droplets for better contact with 1-3 leaf weed
Insecticides and Fungicides
  • QUATRABUFF assists with the wetting capability along with the uptake of insecticides and fungicides
This strong acifiying additive with pH4 indicator dye assists in the performance of horticultural products such as Gibberellic Acids and OrganoPhoshates. 
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