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Trilogy Silvergrass Wetting Agent

These special purpose Trilogy Silvergrass Wetters can be used for ALL glyphosate formulations including the full loaded glyphosate, making these agricultural chemicals one of the most versatile wetting agents on the market.

Trilogy Wetting Agents are Versatile
  • Soil Wetters: The special purpose SST formulation gives TRILOGY excellent wetting properties on hard to wet grass like Silvergrass, Ryegrass and phalaris, enabling them to assist chemical coverage
  • Penetrants: The special purpose penetration qualities assists chemicals get through the thicker and harder wax cuticle of grasses
  • Silvergrass, Ryegrass, Flares: Glyphosate performance with these weeds is improved with the use of Trilogy as the wetter
Thanks to their use of glyphosate, these Trilogy wetters consistently offer high levels of performance that other chemical systems fail to reach, resulting in great results everytime these wetters are used.
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