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Shearing combs from Stockowners Shearing

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Stockowners Shearing  specialises in offering shearing combs, equipment and clothing products. The products offered by Stockowners Shearing includes hand pieces, shearing plants, adjustable pendulums, shearing clothing, shearing combs, portable shearing plants, grinders and abrasives.

Stockowners Shearing provides a wide range of shearing combs. The shearing combs type 1 includes predator, sterling, Olympic, maverick, cavalier and outlaw. Predator is a ¾ thick comb with 95-millimetre width and it is ideal for free combing of wool. Sterling is a 92 millimetre wide comb. It comes with fine tips and it is designed for fast and quick performance in fine and dense wool.

The shearing comb type 2 from Stockowners Shearing includes countryman, high performance cutters like ace, colt and slick. The countryman range of shearing comb is a multipurpose comb and it is ideal for dagging and shearing crutching. The No.1 stud comb is ideal for giving polished and smooth finish.

Ace high performance cutters from Stockowners Shearing come with round crowns and it comes without undercuts. The parallel noses of ace cutter provides wide throw when the cutter is ground down. Colt is a special purpose cutter and it is designed for use in all types of narrow combs.

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