Green Turf Granular Natural Gypsum from Swancorp


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Green Turf from Swancorp is a 2mm greens grade granular natural gypsum which is specially designed for use on golf courses, landscaping and turf.

Better quality soil for better looking turf

  • Supplies readily available calcium and sulphur without significantly affecting soil pH
  • Improves soil structure, reduces surface crusting and aids water penetration/absorption and aeration
  • Binds sodium ions with sulphate ions, thereby facilitating the removal of sodium through leaching from the root zone
  • Improve drought tolerance through better soil structure and better plant health
  • 2mm granules make Green Turf perfect for golf greens, bowling greens and other low cut turf surfaces
Green Turf from Swancorp can be applied in most weather at anytime during turf growing season. Green Turf is used on a large number of Australia’s international and national sports stadiums and golf courses as well as major horticulture farms on Australia's east coast.
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