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Horticulture and environmental assessments from Symbio Alliance

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Symbio Alliance  provides reliable testing and analysis for horticultural industries and environmental samples used in various industrial and agricultural sectors. Each testing is designed for specific requirement of customer to comply with quality standards and legislation.

For customers from horticulture, Symbio Alliance helps in conducting the analysis of fruits and vegetables, fresh and packaged products from growers, pack houses, markets and processors. The analysis is specifically designed to meet each customer's domestic and export requirements.

The testing services, available for horticultural industries from Symbio Alliance, includes a complete range of chemical analysis comprising of nutritional composition, vitamins, trace elements and heavy metals. Symbio Alliance also examines a range of pesticides and environmental contaminants including organochlorines, organophosphates, synthetic pyrethroids, herbicides, fungicides, carbamates and acaricides. Symbio Alliance also offers pesticide formulation in fruit dips wash. In terms of microbiological tesing, customer samples are tested for pathogens and food spoilage organisms.

Environmental assessment services from Symbio Alliance include the analysis of sediment, water, effluent and air quality for customers from private, corporate and government sectors all over Australia. Symbio Alliance also provides NATA accredited Legionella testing of air-conditioning systems and cooling towers.

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