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New Insecticide from Syngenta to Change the Way Vegetables are grown in Australia

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article image DURIVO provides long-term protection to vegetable crops.

A new insecticide developed by Syngenta is all set to revolutionise the vegetable growing industry in Australia.  

One of Victoria’s leading horticultural agronomists says that a new soil-applied insecticide is set to forever change the way vegetables are grown in Australia.  

DURIVO, manufactured by Syngenta is a unique insecticide that provides long-lasting protection against an army of grubs, aphids, thrips and other pests in early season vegetable crops.  

A single treatment according to Syngenta will protect young plants for up to 40 days, eliminating the need for up to eight conventional foliar or leaf sprays required by conventional insecticides.   

In addition to its insecticidal benefits, DURIVO helps in the growth of young plants to their full genetic potential.  

Since only miniscule amounts of the insecticide are applied at or before planting, the risk of exposure for workers is minimised while simultaneously lowering residues in both produce and the environment.  

DURIVO will become commercially available this spring following its recent clearance by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.  

E.E. Muir and Sons senior agronomist, Karl Riedel says DURIVO is the biggest breakthrough in crop protection since glyphosate.  

He says that DURIVO is a major leap forward for vegetable growers as it protects plants at a crucial young age and gets them off to a good start. He adds that the insecticide’s control over a broad spectrum of pests for a long duration with just one application is a major advantage.  

The Cranbourne-based agronomist is more than impressed with the results of six pre-registration trials he conducted in broccoli, lettuce, pak choy and cabbage crops last summer.  

Some of the benefits observed by the agronomist include no feeding damage and no eggs or thrips on the plants in addition to better plant health, colour and vigour.  

Elders’ Pakenham senior agronomist, Brian Brewer is equally impressed with the results of four commercial demonstrations he has conducted with DURIVO in Chinese vegetables, cauliflower and cabbage.  

He says that the broad spectrum control in various crops makes DURIVO an excellent tool for vegetable growers.  

Brian adds that DURIVO eliminates the need for growers to store a shed full of chemicals to control different pests in different crops.  

Brian predicts the long-lasting crop protection provided by DURIVO will save growers hundreds of hours each year.

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