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The Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia (AAAA)

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article image The AAAA operates on behalf of those involved in the aerial agriculture industry

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The Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia (AAAA) is the representative body of the aerial agriculture industry.
This industry directly relates to the spraying, seeding and fertilising of crops and pastures from the air via agricultural aircraft.  

AAAA operates in accordance with the following mission:  

“Promote, foster, encourage and support a sustainable aerial application industry based on the professionalism of operators, pilots and staff, and the pursuit of industry best practice.”  

Those individuals responsible for carrying out a diverse range of different roles within the aerial agriculture industry are represented by the AAAA in the wider community.

AAAA is responsible for the creation and implementation of programs that contribute to the growth and development of the aerial agriculture industry.  

These include the Aerial Improvement Management System (AIMS), an initiative that encourages industry employees to develop a thorough business management system for each of their agricultural aircrafts.
Here the aim is to enhance safety, consistency and quality control, among others.

This program aims to ensure that each agricultural aircraft sprayer meets the demands placed on them by regulators, clients and the wider community, and in doing so promotes better relationships between the aerial agricultural industry and these influential bodies.

AAAA has also devised Operation Spray Safe, an initiative that relates to the safe and environmentally conscious use of chemicals during the aerial agriculture spraying process.

AAAA aims to enhance recognition of the aerial agriculture industry in a positive manner in order to highlight the aerial agricultural industry's inherent value to the wider community.

In order to acquire membership status with the Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia, evidence of some form of connection with the aerial agriculture industry must be supplied.

Operator, pilot and associate membership types are available.

Image: a Creative Commons (Attribution 2.0) image from Macomb Paynes's Flickr photo stream

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