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The Glasshouse Company  has constructed numerous glasshouses for private companies and government departments. The glasshouse offered by The Glasshouse Company includes a series of isolated rooms that considerably improve the research into perennial plants, natural resources, farming systems, rhizobiology and root zones.

The Glasshouse Company can install pinion vents and motorised rack at the gable of the research greenhouse in order to give the growing environment the capacity to uphold desirable temperatures without utilising mechanical cooling. The Glasshouse Company uses thermal or shade screens in order to provide the growing environment with optimal efficiency of greenhouse heating and cooling.

The environment control system from The Glasshouse Company provides integrated power over the growing environment. The computer systems of The Glasshouse Company use all functions of the greenhouse rooms in order to provide flexibility and also offer a record of growing conditions for future reference and analysis.

The Glasshouse Company offers installation of different forms of cooling and heating systems in order to control plant environment. The ducting and dispersement grills in cooling and heating system ensure that the heating and cooling is utilised to make good use of economic value.

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