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Auto dosing vaccinator for sedating rams at shearing time

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Think Livestock , from Huntly near Bendigo, offers an easier method for sedating large rams at shearing time. They sell a fast fit bottle mount, auto dosing vaccinator, which is ideal for the job.    

The task of shearing large rams is becoming an OH&S issue.  With large rams sometimes weighing twice as much as the shearer it’s hardly surprising that the shearers are less enthusiastic about shearing them, without having the rams “quietened down” a little bit.  

It is common for farmers nowadays to contact their vet, who can prescribe a product to sedate the ram.  The product usually comes in 50 ml or100 ml bottles.  The dose needed will vary slightly depending on the weight of the rams, but rams of similar weight will require a similar dose. It’s best to have the sedative administered 20 to 30 minutes before the ram is due to be shorn, so the normal practice is to sedate rams in batches, allowing some time between batches and allowing the 20 to 30 minutes for the product to take effect.  

What equipment is needed to dose a large number of animals?  The old method was to have someone loading single dose syringes one at a time, then handing them to the vet or whoever was doing the treatments. This can be very labour intensive and slow, especially at shearing time, when everyone is flat out with other tasks.  

Think Livestock, from Huntly, near Bendigo, offers a much easier alternative.  They sell a fast fit bottle mount, auto dosing vaccinator. The new bottle of sedative is simply pushed into position on the breather draw off spike on top of the gun, where it just clicks into place, held by the cap. From there the dose is set, and off you go. The barrel of the auto dosing vaccinator just re-loads after each shot until the bottle is empty.  At that point, the operator just presses on the wings of the fast fit to remove the bottle. Re loading bottle of the auto dosing vaccinator is done in a matter of a few seconds.

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