Pigeon Vaccination Kits from Think Livestock

A comprehensive all-in-one solution that allows you to effectively share large Pigeon Vaccine quantities
A comprehensive all-in-one solution that allows you to effectively share large Pigeon Vaccine quantities
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Pigeon Vaccination Kits

Specialised and reliable, Pigeon Vaccination Kits from Think Livestock intelligent development allows you to share and distribute the large vaccine amount with ease.

Easy and cost effective Pigeon Vaccination Kits ensure reduced costly wastage for you and your fellow pigeon owners.

Simple and effective management of large vaccinations across a group of pigeon owners
  • Effective distribution as each owner purchases their own standard kit complete with all the required equipment
  • Extracting the necessary amount is simple, using a new clean needle with disposable syringe then transferring to the sterile bottle
  • Easy to maintain, vaccine is to be stored at 2-8˚C and taken out when required
  • At the time of administration, push bottle onto spike at the top of the gun and begin to medicate each bird efficiently
Each comprehensive standard kit arrives with all the necessary items to begin vaccinating:
  • Single plastic 0.5mL adjustable multi dose bottle mount vaccinator
  • Empty single 50mL sterile glass bottle with rubber bung sealing that fits with bottle mount vaccinator
  • Sterile 30mL disposable syringe for extracting the required amount of vaccine from 500mL pack to place in glass bottle
  • Needle tray with 12 x 20 gauge x ½ inch needles
  • Extra items and options of 100mL sterile bottle, disposable syringe capacities and needle trays are available to suit your requirements
Ensuring your pigeon safety, please seek advice from veterinarians if you are unsure or require a permit before purchasing the vaccine.
Pigeon Vaccination Kits
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