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Powder chemicals water dosing equipment from Think Livestock

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Think Livestock  offers a range of water dosing equipment, all of which are capable of adding medicines, minerals, chlorine, fertiliser or any other types of chemicals into running water supplies.

Depending on their requirements, which chemical they are using, and what water flow rate and pressure is being used, individual solutions can be provided for each customer.

Think Livestock has been challenged to find a way to dose chemicals that are not completely soluble in water. As the solubility of water additives varies the product needs to be mixed properly, otherwise it won’t be delivered at the right rate.

In many cases, the Spinstir is the answer. This water dosing equipment uses a magnetic follower that is placed into a bucket of chemical solution. When the power is turned on a motor inside the box attracts the magnet and causes it to rotate at high speed. The rotation of the magnet stirs the solution and keeps the particles evenly in solution.

Systems like this have been used regularly for years in science and industrial laboratories, but adding heading elements and variable speed dials usually incur increase the cost too much. In agriculture, all that is normally needed is a single speed rotating magnet to keep all the particles in suspension until the dosing machine picks up the correct amount of chemical, or minerals, or whatever is being dosed. The Spinstir water dosing equipment provides a very simple and cost effective solution to this challenge.

The Spinstir water dosing equipment runs off standard 240 Volt Power supplies with the most commonly used model being the Spinstir 612. The Spinstir water dosing equipment is capable of stirring a maximum of 20 litres of solution, however, if bigger quantities are required, the Spinstir 150 can handle up to 200 litres.

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