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Good quality sheep drench gun from Think Livestock
Good quality sheep drench gun from Think Livestock
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TU-Masterline 20ml Sheep Drench Gun

Animal Drenching Equipment 

Farmers around Australia have always found themselves at odds with equipment manufacturers to get high quality drench applicators.

The few drench gun applicators in the past that have been up to an acceptable standard have often been either difficult to service or the parts themselves have not been easily obtainable.

For this reason, Think Livestock have always been on the lookout for livestock drenchers that would suffer none of these well known concerns.

TU-Masterline Drenching and Injecting Guns 

Farmers regularly complain about drench guns that don’t work properly. Drench guns are one of the most regularly used pieces of farm equipment and poor quality unreliable drenching equipment can become a huge frustration to the busy farmer.

The most common complaints are blocked valves, guns that won’t suck and handles that get stuck and won’t allow the gun to refill.

The TU-Masterline Drench Applicators are brand new, high quality drench guns. New design features have greatly improved the efficiency of these drench guns. 

  • Masterline sheep drench guns are supplied with a service kit (spare o-rings, valves and springs) to keep them going
  • The valves on the applicator are easily accessible, making cleaning an extremely simple operation which can be done on the run
  • The patented spring tension adjuster solves the common problem of sticky handles that won’t retract after delivering a dose

Masterline sheep drench guns are available in two different sizes:

  1. Delivers up to a maximum of 20 mL, with doses adjustable in 1 mL increments
  2. Delivers up to a maximum of 15 mL, with doses adjustable in 0.5 mL increments
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