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The Select 480 doser from Think Livestock offers easy precision water dosing

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article image These innovative water dosers provide accurate dosing and take the guesswork out of water consumption

Think Livestock supplies the classic Select 480 doser as part of its comprehensive range of water medication dosing equipment, suitable for agricultural use.  

The 480 doser is an innovative system for adding of substances to water that need to be dispensed proportionate to water flow.   

The dosing system is suitable for dispensing a variety of products, including:

  • medication
  • vaccines
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • soluble fertilisers
  • chlorine
  • acids, and
  • any other soluble substance that requires to be proportionately added to the water flow.
The 480 doser enables easy and precise management of dosing systems and takes the guesswork out of water consumption.  This in turn leads to less animal health problems and faster gains.

Features of the Select 480 doser include:

  • accurate and uniform administration of the correct water:product ratio
  • available with 13 common preset ratios (between 1:33 and 1:6)
  • option to customise and add ratios to suit requirements
  • computer programmed peristaltic pump
  • moves solutions into watering systems using the compression of a soft tube
  • simple to unclip and replace tube
  • offers superior 95+% accuracy 
  • hardwearing, especially when compared to water and electric pumps
  • suitable for use with aggressive products and solutions
  • long life
  • minimal maintenance requirements
  • 4 different sized, colour coded pump tubes for varying dosages
  • monitor displaying current water flow and total water consumption
  • meter only function for using the doser as a water meter when dosing is not needed
Visit the Think Livestock website for further information and full specifications of the unique Select 480 dosers, to order and to find alternative water dosing solutions.

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