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Think Livestock bottle mount guns make synchronised cattle breeding easier

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article image Think Livestock supply the Masterline V Grip bottle mounted vaccinator fitted with flexitube

One of the regular and more specialised enquiries Think Livestock receives is from beef and dairy cattle farmers who are undertaking synchronised breeding programmes in their herds. There are a number of different ways to synchronise the breeding of cattle, however the common threads in all of these programs are:

  • There are usually large numbers of animals involved
  • Some sort of hormone treatments will be required for each cow in the program
  • Nearly all hormones are presented in hard walled glass bottles or vials
  • Most vets don’t have multi-dose vaccinators in stock for sale to farmers
  • There will be a number of “bottle changes” required before the job is finished
  • Often the hormones are being given to cattle constrained in a cattle crush.
A recommended type of equipment to use in this environment are bottle mount vaccinators equipped with a fast fit bottle protector on top. Bottle mount vaccinators are available in a range of styles and the final decision is usually made by the operator based on the feel of the bottle mount gun. 

However, a useful addition to bottle mount vaccinators is a flexible extension tube called a flexitube, which is ordered separately. This is particularly useful if the operator is vaccinating through or over the rails of a cattle crush. Instead of having the needle fitted to the bottle mount gun, one end of the flexitube is fitted on the gun, and the other end has a luer lock which holds the needle. This allows about 2 feet of distance between the gun and the animal being treated. This results in less breakages of the bottle of hormones and the gun, and is also safer for the operator.

Think Livestock offer a range of vaccination and animal treatment equipment, all suitable for multi-dosing treatments of large animals. A variety of vaccinator styles are available including the Masterline and Primatech brands of Vgrip, tube feed guns, F grip guns, as well as both conventional bottle mount guns and the fast fit bottle mount guns.

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