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Primatech Vaccinators, Masterline F Grip Vaccinators, Masterline V Grip Vaccinators

Where large numbers of stock are being vaccinated or medicated, the most common method of delivery is a conventional tube feed vaccinator. Think Livestock supply a complete range of both plastic reusable and stainless steel vaccinators to suit most livestock industries.

Prima-tech Tube Feed Vaccinators
The Prima-tech tube feed vaccinators are affordable and durable applicators made from quality plastics. They are superior to many other plastic vaccinators because of the following features:
  • Stainless steel needle nib to prevent breakages in a crucial stress point
  • Comfortable V-grip design encloses the draw off tube inside the handle, making it a lot less likely to get caught and pulled off the inlet
  • Replacement barrel kits are available, so these tube feed vaccinators don’t have to be thrown out if they become damaged
  • Available in 1ml (fixed dose), 2ml and 6ml (variable dose)
Masterline Tube Feed Vaccinators
Masterline Vaccinators are available in both F-grip and V-grip styles both made of stainless steel and plastic components. The features of the Masterline range are as follows:
  • Stainless steel barrel with a clear plastic dose window
  • All Masterline vaccinators can be sterilised with boiling water
  • Easy access to valves in both styles of vaccinator makes cleaning and removing blockages a simple process. In many plastic vaccinators a blocked valve can mean the end of a vaccinator
  • A maintenance kit is supplied with Masterline vaccinators
  • ‘F-grip’ is available in 2ml variable dose. ‘V-grip’ is available in 2ml, 6ml and 10ml variable dose
The V-grip tube feed vaccinators also have a couple of features of their own:
  • A spring tension adjuster in the base of the handle. On the highest setting, this adjuster will decrease refill times with higher viscosity products. On lower settings, the squeeze will be easier. This setting is ideal for thinner, lower viscosity vaccines and medications
  • Large, easy to see valves, these are both easier to clean and easier to see, therefore harder to lose during cleaning
  • Dial-a-dose system for easier dose selection, this allows the user to change the dose on-the-fly without fear of inaccuracy
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