Shaft Driven Self Propelled Augers from Vennings


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Shaft Driven Self Propelled Auger

The Shaft Driven Self Propelled Auger from Vennings makes the process of moving grains or other solid or liquid material within your farm a simple and hassle free experience.

Reversible gearbox standard on all Vennings augers
All Vennings augers comes with a reversible gearbox standard. Other key features include:

  • Foot brake can also be used as a park brake
  • All augers complete with electric start motor and 23 litre fuel tank
  • Safety mesh on each standard steel hopper
Emergency stop switch fitted near in-take of auger
Each Vennings auger is fitted with an emergency stop switch for higher control and safety when using your machine. Other key benefits include:

  • Simply sit on the seat and drive
  • Optional adjustable discharge spout
  • Tow hitch can be stored away when not in use

For more information on this product visit the Vennings website.

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