Concrete Finishing Levelling Trowels by Wacker Neuson


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Concrete Finishing Levelling Trowels: CT36-5AC, CT48-8A, CT48-13AV, CRT36-24A, CRT48-34V, CRT48-35L

Levelling Trowels
Wacker Neuson’s provide a range of 
 Walk-behind and Ride-On Concrete Trowels which have been designed to provide for effortless use and ability to control the speed and type of blade, including pan floats. 

The levelling trowels provide outstanding concrete finishes and are ideal for use on building construction, high rise offices, house slabs, factories and warehouse floors.

Adjusts to surface conditions
The concrete trowels are able to change blade pitch according to the surface.
  • The concrete trowels have a unique Pro-Shift® pitch control feature which enables variable transitions for ease of use and an instant blade pitch change for different kinds of surface conditions.
  • The concrete levelers offer protection for the operator with patented gearbox brake, gyroscopic safety sensors and a speed limiter on the engine. 
  • No need for mechanical adjustments with a variable clutch to enable a wide torque and speed range to match changing concrete surface conditions.
  • Front and rear lighting features ensure accuracy and excellent visibility in tough conditions.
  • Fatigue free sliding, adjustable operator’s seat 
Wacker Neuson concrete levelling trowels are an easy to use, flexible tool which adjusts to different building conditions.  

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