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Association aims to preserve Waler horses through strict breeding practices

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Established in 1987, the Whaler Horse Owners and Breeders Association Australia Inc aims to maintain the form and performance of Waler horses.

The association focuses on preserving the descendents of the original Waler horses with a particular focus on ensuring the horses adapt to those environmental conditions that promote the continuation of the breed and allow for it flourish.

Waler horses form an important part of Australia’s pioneering heritage, however the breed is scarce and in danger of being lost completely.

The association aims to preserve the breed by first locating its descendents, often by socuring remote locations, and placing them together in an environment that best facilitates the breeding process.
It can be difficult to determine when horses are of the Waler variety, and as such the association has determined what the defining features of the breed are. These are used to identify the Waler horse as a breed rather than a type.

The association individually classifies the horses that are brought to them by members, and they may or may not be registered depending on the features and attributes they posess, such as temperament and practical reliability.
Perhaps most importantly, the association does not accept modern breeds of the same name who have not played any role in the traditional evolution of the Waler.

Horses must have been bred in the same or similar environmental conditions as the original Waler breed.

The association has created a Stud Book for the Waler breed, and it contains Rules that govern the management, standards and breed influences that reflect the traditional breeding of Waler horses.

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