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Minimum wastage and optimal stock condition with cattle feeders from Waste-Not Stockfeeders

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Since 1988 Waste-Not Stockfeeders has been supplying cattle feeders to beef producers throughout Australia.

The rugged construction and proven design of these cattle feeders for bulls, cows, calves and steers have been invaluable in saving time and money for both large commercial growers and breeders, and smaller hobby farmers.
In 1995 a trial took place at Dookie College in North Central Victoria where two mobs of Fresian steers were being fed on lush pasture and some 7 MJ grass hay for fibre balance.

One mob was fed the hay on the ground, and the other mob was fed the hay through a round "Waste-Not" cattle feeder.

Some very surprising results were found with the cattle fed through the cattle feeder consuming 28% less hay, and weighing in at 27% heavier than the others after the trial.

The mob fed on the ground used more hay and had grown slower, perhaps because the cattle forgot about the available pasture and concentrated on getting the hay. Some of the shy cattle would miss out on the hay altogether.

On the other hand the cattle with the hay feeder, spent more time eating the available pasture and then getting some additional hay from the cattle feeder. The resultant change of behaviour in turn increased the growth rate of the cattle and kept the weight gain more even over the mob.

The unique design and spacing of the arches on "Waste-Not" cattle feeders were developed to act as a voluntary head bale, which allowed the bossy cattle to feed alongside any shy cattle ensuring both would have a fair go at the feed.

The design allowed for all of the eating to be done in the cattle feeder, which minimizes waste. 

Users of cattle feeders from Waste-Not Stockfeeders include:

  • Vermont Angus
  • Weeirin Angus
  • Ardenside Angus
  • Red Hill Herefords
  • Peechelba Feedlot.

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