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Sprinkler systems from Water Dynamics

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Water Dynamics  are irrigation specialists who offer a wide range of sprinkler systems for agriculture and broadacre applications. Sprinkler systems help in increasing crop yields and minimise water wastage.

Water Dynamics offer a range of sprinkler systems which includes static and moveable solid set sprinkler systems, mechanical sprinkler systems, water reel travelling sprinkler systems, mini sprinkler systems, solid set sprinkler systems, frost control systems, humidifying systems, hand shift sprinkler systems, leaching systems, fertigation systems, dust suppression systems, landscape systems and sporting field systems. Static and moveable solid set sprinkler systems are used for permanent field and row crops, while mechanical sprinkler systems are ideal for flat crop areas.

Water Dynamics have merged many established irrigation stores across Australia and New Zealand, and now have a network of branches spread over the rural areas. Water Dynamics is a part of the Tyco group, which is a worldwide organisation and is operating in over 80 countries. Water Dynamics assist in determining the type of drilling and pumping system suited for the land, and have irrigation and pumping solutions for every situation. Water Dynamics also offers Well known brands of irrigation pumps.

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