Rebuilding of Knife Points and Closing Tools by Wattsies Points


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Rebuilding Knife Points and Closing Tools

Wattsies Points specialise in rebuilding knife points services and rebuilding closing tools services for grain farmers using quality equipment and longer thicker tungsten.

Farmers Save Money by Having Their Knife Points and Closing Tools Rebuilt 
  • A saving of at least $10 per point with most brands and as much as $15 to $20 on other brands
  • Using longer and thicker tungsten gives much greater area coverage between changes of points, some points will last up to three times longer than bought items
  • Established agents in most wheat belt areas for the convenience of farmers
  • Wattsies Points use a well established courier service, reliable service to and from their business

Closing tools out last shop products many times over, meaning less down time with more crops in the ground, sooner.

The most important part of Wattsies Points is customer satisfaction this is born out by the number of repeat customers and substantiated by surveys they conduct with their customers.

Wattsies Points’ services come with a 100% guarantee.

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